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At Calluna Psychology, we understand that each person's experiences are unique and, as such, we tailor our therapy to the individual. Treatment plans are developed in collaboration with the client using evidence-based modalities. These modalities may include:

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

Emotion Regulation

Relaxation strategies
Problem solving skills 
Anger management
Social skills training
Communication training
Stress management
Narrative therapy 

Solution Focus therapy



 Navigating school, friendships and social activities can be difficult for young people while they work to discover their own identity. They may experience anxiety, depression, stress, self-harm, low confidence, lack of identity, relationship concerns, social isolation or have previously, or recently experienced trauma. Calluna Psychology endeavour to provide an open and comfortable environment for young people to be heard and acknowledged while they journey through their teenage years. 


Life can often throw challenges and sometimes you may feel overwhelmed. Calluna Psychology aims to offer a safe space for you to explore your situations and potentially build a clearer understanding of your life's journey. Sometimes we need to look backward to move forward and sometimes we just need to look forward. Small steps at a time.


Calluna Psychology offers in-person psychological treatment to children aged 10 years and above. 

Children experience the world through their own eyes which is often different to how an adult may view the same situation. Calluna Psychology seeks to explore the child's view and hear their concerns. Using strategies based in emotion regulation, communication and positive self-talk, Calluna Psychology aims to reduce feelings of anxiety and low self-worth whilst building confidence in the child. 


Eligible clients can claim Medicare subsidies for up to 10 individual mental health services per calendar year with a Mental Health Care Plan and referral from their doctor.

The current Medicare rebate is $93.35.

TAC and Workcover

Calluna Psychology are not accepting TAC or Workcover referrals.

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